The Place I Made My Home

Of course my little Island in the Pacific Northwest will always be my home. It’s where I was raised, and where my favorite people in the world still reside, but for the last two years a tiny bungalow in West Seattle is where I’ve called home.
Through the years leading up to the move I had slowing been curating items that I could use to completely furnish and decorate my first home. So finally finding something in the heart of the family-friendly neighborhood that is West Seattle felt like I struck gold. I finally had a place to display all of my collection and felt truly accomplished that I was supporting myself independently at 23 years old. I furnished this place off of bargains, Ikea, and garage sales. I am so proud of what I have made it into, and I wanted to be able to share it with you all.


My Sanctuary

This is my bedroom. I have a queen size bed with tons of throw pillow and lots of artwork. My bed frame, I purchased from The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse which is located in Sumner, Wa. It has a big selection of all types of furniture with awesome price tags. This leather headboard and real wood frame cost $200. My duvet is from Ikea, as are the decorative pillows (I love pillows, clearly), as well as the throw blanket. The gray rug is also from Ikea, as is the picture above the bed. The dream catcher in the shadow box is homemade by my mother which I also had tattooed on my arm about a year ago.

My bedroom also holds my closet and makeup vanity where I do client work as well.

My closet is a wardrobe from Ikea as is my vanity. I used two Ikea MALM 3-drawer Chests in white and added two long boards of wood to the top to create a table top. The gray velvet chair is from Amazon and the blanket and pillow on the chair is from Ikea.


The Washroom

I love clean colors and the tile and walls followed that ascetic perfectly. However, the original countertop on the sink was green granite…which was hideous. To make the space more cohesive I added a marble contact paper that I found on Amazon. To apply the wallpaper, you will need an Exacto knife and something with a flat surface that is firm, like a spatula. I also added the marble topped cabinet I found at Home Goods to store extra towels and things like toilet paper.

Living Room

My chair is my favorite piece of furniture I have collected over the years. I picked up this “cuddle lounge” from a couple in Seattle about 6 years ago. I imagine it will stay with me forever. The three tiered shelf is something I found at Home Goods and the light fixture is from Ikea. I also got the throw blanket and white pillows from Ikea and the floral pillows from Michaels craft store.

The bar is an Ikea Kallax in black/brown with four door inserts for the bottom. I have it stocked with soda’s, wine, and various types of liquor as well as glasses, and bar tools. I use the storage behind the doors on the bottom for items like paper towels, ziplock bags, my juicer, and art supplies.

The back teal wall was actually a midtown blue, which made the space a bit too masculine in my opinion so I added a temporary teal wallpaper from Target instead. It was easy to apply and is great for renters as it comes right off.

The Kitchen


To the kitchen I added a shelf that I found at Home Depot for the toaster oven and my canisters. I also added the rope lights to the top of the cabinets as well as wine bottles with labels that I thought were pretty or that were from special events. I wanted to keep the kitchen area very clean and simple because it is so small.


Overall I like my space to be neat and clean, and for that aesthetic to be reflected in color choice and furniture. This place has been so fun to decorate, and I am so proud to call this my home.


Have any questions about decor used in my house? Leave a comment below.


Five Things Makeup Clients Should Know

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Are you getting your makeup done for a special event, prom, or a wedding? Well here are the 5 things most makeup artists want you to know before sitting down in our chairs.
1.How you prep your skin is just as important as how the makeup is applied.

The NUMBER ONE thing to do in preparation of your skin is remove your makeup and cleanse. If you do nothing else please remove your makeup and cleanse your skin. Applying makeup on top of a face with various build-up will only inhibit success of the final look.

Another important step in preparing the skin for makeup is exfoliating. You want to remove any oil, build-up and dead skin from your face to ensure a smooth application, especially if you have any dryness, texture, or excess oil. Check out my, But First, Skincare post to see my skin care routine, and favorite skincare products.

2. Full-coverage, but natural isn’t really a thing.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “I want to look like [insert full-beat-glitter-highlight-contour-the works-glam Instagram photo], but natural.” Ladies and gentleman, this is not a thing. While you can make full glam look beautiful, and non-cakey, you will still be able to tell you are in-fact wearing makeup.

3. “I want a full-coverage glam, but I don’t want to feel any make-up on my face” also is not a thing.

If you want the full beat, contour, highlight, and a long lasting look, you will feel the makeup on your face. Creating a makeup look that will photograph well and be long lasting requires adding very thin layers of multiple products. Each layer has a purpose and effects the final outcome, and your face won’t feel like their “isn’t anything on it”. That being said, I also aim to make each layer as thin as possible, and the makeup comfortable to wear.

4. Makeup isn’t plastic surgery.

Keeping your expectations of makeup at a realistic level is important. If you have a photo of a long, dark brown-haired beauty with a gorgeous vampy look and you have blonde hair and blue eyes, I will still recreate that vampy style for you but I cannot change your features to look identical to the photo. Trust is my ability to take elements from a look and apply them in a way that is flattering to your unique facial features and coloring.

5. If you have recently had pink-eye or a cold sore, please let your makeup artist know.

As someone who currently works in a pool of germs (in the form of 8 toddlers running in circles) I have seen it all. Pink-eye and cold sores will not gross me out, but please let me know! I use all sanitary products and practices, but I will go as far to use disposable alternatives to my brushes if I know of the concern ahead of time (and I promise your look will turn out just as great) and this way I eliminate any and all opportunity to pass your fate onto others.

Is there anything else you want to know about what it’s like to get your makeup done, and things you should share with your makeup artist to ensure that you are happy with the final outcome? Leave a comment below.



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Just like food and pharmaceuticals, makeup also has an expiration date too. Makeup that is expired can reek havoc on your skin, and many people don’t even know where to find when a makeup product will expire. If you have some makeup you think might even be questionable, keep on reading.

Makeup will eventually change in consistency and effectiveness overtime. For example once a product that has SPF in it has expired, the effectiveness of the sun protection can no longer be guaranteed. The same concept applies to makeup with any active ingredient in it. These products include acne fighting ones with ingredients like salicylic acid, as well as anti-aging products with ingredients like retinol.

Expired makeup can also harbor bacteria. This bacteria then get’s transferred to your face when applying the makeup and can cause something as minor as a skin irritation, or rash, to acne, pink eye, or other more serious infections. So makeup lovers, you’ve been warned.

To find an expiration period on a makeup product, look for a little symbol similar to a jar with an open lid. It will have a number inside next to an “M”. The “M” stands for months. See below for an example.


The example above is from the Becca under-eye primer. As you can see it has a “12M” meaning the product will be good for 12 months following removal of the initial seal and first use.

As a guide, mascara typically lasts 3-6 months, eyeliner is 6-12 months, foundation is 6-12 months, powder products last for 1-2 year, and lipsticks can last up to 2 years. For me personally, I go through my makeup every 6 months and toss out anything I know I have used longer than what is recommended, or that I haven’t used recently.

What’s the longest you have held onto a makeup product for? And what makeup product was it? Leave a comment below.

Freshly: Review

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Have you been one of the million customers who has tried Blue Apron or a Hello Fresh type meal service? I was too…until I tried Freshly.

I didn’t mind Blue Apron, I had the service for over a year. And I actually thought it was fun to cook new and different recipes when I actually had the time. But the days I actually had the time were far and few between. So I found myself tossing out all of this food that went bad before I could cook it and then buying preprepared meals that weren’t the healthiest. Basically money lost and pounds gained, not to mention very wasteful.

So when I scrolled past an Instagram ad for Freshly, I thought it was another meal service where ingredients were delivered in their raw form, and then prepping, cooking and serving had to happen to enjoy your beautiful meal. I was wrong.

Freshly is a meal service where fully prepared and cooked meals arrive at your door perfectly portioned and refrigerated. There are six meals delivered once a week on a day of your choice. They are packed with large ice packs and insulation (all of which is recyclable and environmentally friendly) to keep it cold on your doorstep until you can place it in the fridge. And when you are ready to eat, you can pull a meal out of the fridge, plate it, or just pop it right into the microwave following the instructions on the package. Each meal is one serving size and healthy at 400-600 calories for a balanced entree. And all for the same price as Blue Apron.

I have been using this service for eight weeks now and I love it! There isn’t a meal I have tried that I haven’t liked, and they even have some delicious breakfast options too. As someone who is too busy to cook during the week, but also want’s to eat healthy, this is such a great option for me. And when I am out of town, I can just log onto the app and skip the delivery for that week.

There is also a wide variety of meals to chose from including vegetarian, fish, chicken, pork, and beef. This service would suit many dietary presences including gluten free and dairy free. And all of your meal selections can be made in the easy to use app or online.

If you want to try Freshly, leave your email below and I will send you a link for $40 off two weeks of Freshly.

Have any questions? Leave a comment.

Top 4 Beauty Channels on YouTube

YouTube has been a source of many hours spent, especially learning about makeup. Just ask my Dad and he will tell you, you can learn anything from YouTube. From jerry-rigging my dryer to stop obnoxiously buzzing at the end of a cycle, to getting the perfect winged liner, YouTube is the modern day classroom.
There are a few channels I watch religiously when it comes to makeup and beauty. These channels have great personalities behind them as well great information regarding makeup quality, application, and wearability. These are my top four most watched YouTube beauty channels.

The first channel I want to share with you is Nikkia Joy. Nikkia is a professional makeup artist in Australia, and like me, has oily skin. She has so many tips for oily skin girls and in her tutorials, really takes the time to explain what she is doing and why she is doing it. She also does really in depth foundation reviews with 12 hour wear tests, and zooms the camera in so you get a very clear picture of what her face looks like. Nikkia also talks about skincare on her channel and has very helpful advise on skincare for oily and acne prone skin. If you want advise on makeup application, this is the channel to watch.

Another great channel is RawBeautyKristi. Kristi is amazing on her channel and is a very entertaining personality to watch. I enjoy her reviews on products and how open and relatable she is. She is also from Seattle (my town, represent!!) which is bonus points if you ask me. If you want someone who feels like you could be friends with, but also knows a thing or two about makeup, then give her videos a view.

A channel with the most videos uploaded is GlamLifeGuru. Tati Westbrook has been doing makeup videos on YouTube for the last 7 years and uploads Monday-Friday, which is an unheard of schedule on YouTube for the beauty community. She has continuing series like OMG Tuesdays where she reviews new and different products and WTF where she finds outrageously priced products and reviews to see if they are worth the price. Tati features an equal amount of drug store and high-end products on her channel and I genuinely trust her reviews of products. Tati also brings her husband on her channel for PR unboxing as well as testing out face masks which is very entertaining and something different to mix it up. Quantity AND quality is how I would sum up GlamLifeGuru.

And last but certainly not least, I had to put in NikkieTutorials. Nikkie is an incredible makeup artist who is one of the most talented artists on YouTube in my opinion. She is from Holland and is a full coverage queen (like me). Nikkie does the most beautiful artistic makeup looks. As the name says, she mostly does tutorials, but also has some reviews of products as well. If you love watching people create stunning makeup looks, then NikkieTutorials is a must watch channel.

I would love to know what YouTube channels you are obsessed with, beauty or otherwise. Leave a comment below with your favorites.

Five Days of Foundation: Budge-Poof Base

Have you ever spent hours working tediously on your makeup, feeling fabulous, only to look in the mirror two hours later and see all your hard work has caked, melted, or just rubbed off? Well I have. Infact most of my teens and early twenties were spent with this frustration. It wasn’t until I did some further research, and tested a ton of products and techniques that I finally felt confident in the wearability of my base makeup. If you struggle to keep foundation and concealer on your face, and looking good for longer than 4-6 hours a day then keep on reading.

Before you put makeup on for any occasion or style the first thing you need to do is wash, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin. It is important to get rid of any dead skin cells, and give your skin some hydration before you add makeup. Also, allow your skin the opportunity to absorb any moisturizer you put on it before applying makeup. This will ensure the products won’t interact in a negative way, and that your skin has been allowed to absorb all the moisture possible, which will help create a smoother canvas.

The next step is to prime the face. I begin by adding the Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer to help reduce the bags under my eyes as well as add a bit of moisture.


Next I take the Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer and add a small amount to where I have fine lines and enlarged pores.


Everything up to this point has been to create a smooth base. These next steps are what will make the biggest difference in the wear time of your base makeup.

And now we apply an eye primer (pause for weird looks). It sounds weird to use an eye primer on the face, but just trust me, it works! I highly recommend the Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. This stuff doesn’t move and is matte so it won’t mess with the finish or color of anything you put over it. I begin by taking a small blending brush (I use this one from BH Cosmetics) and gently swirl it into the Paint Pot being careful to only grab a small amount. I then brush the product into my skin using small circular motions around the sides of my nose, the bridge of my nose, and my chin. These are the areas where my makeup tends to cake and transfer the most, so I want to add extra protection here to keep my makeup put all day. If you have another areas of the face the makeup tends to breakup on or transfer from, place the eye primer there. I am careful to only add the thinest layer of this product as adding too much will emphasize texture and cake up. If you find this happens to you when using this technique, try using less on your next application.

After adding the eye primer to all my problem areas I then use some setting spray. Traditionally setting sprays are used to set makeup after application is complete, however by adding a layer now it will help to create a barrier between oils that can break up makeup and the rest the base when gets applied. The spray I recommend for any oily, combination, or normal skin types is the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray. The Mac Fix Plus is also a great option for dry skin types.

Make sure the setting spray has completely dried, and then add any color correctors you feel you need. For reference I alway color correct my under eyes.

Next we being foundation application. I start by placing foundation (Estee Lauder Double wear, you already know) on the back of my hand and with one finger I dot the product all over one side of my face. I then take a damp Beauty Blender and blend the foundation using stippling and stamping motions until I get an even and smooth finish. The key to foundation application and long lasting wear time is to add a thin, even layer. The more makeup you put on, the more likely it is to become cakey.

Next I take concealer and place it under my eyes, and on any acne or dark spots that are still peaking through. I also blend this out with my Beauty Blender as well.

Very quickly after the concealer is blended out, I will take my damp beauty blender once again and dip it into a loose translucent setting powder. My most favorite right now is the Mabelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder. Picking up a decent amount I will begin to stipple and blend it into the skin under my eyes, around my nose and cheeks,  and on my forehead and chin. I usually dip into the powder once for each eye, again for the nose, once for the forehead, and again for the chin.

Then I spray another layer of setting spray and gently with my Beauty Blender press the moisture of the spray into the skin. This will give the skin a more natural quality to it after applying all of your setting powder.

After finishing the rest of my makeup (brows, eyes, contour, bronzer, blush, and highlight I spray a final layer of setting spray on and quickly fan it dry.


And, TA-DAAA!!!Facetune_25-02-2018-17-45-31

And this is the final result!! My makeup doesn’t budge or move for 10-12 hours using these techniques.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below.

Five Days of Foundation: My Most Used Foundations

Photo credit: Elf Cosmetics

I am a oily skin, acne prone, enlarged pores, full coverage queen. Oh and I am a teacher to 8 sweet 13-18 month old toddlers with high needs who enjoy yogurt facials and running around non-stop. That means a foundation has to be transfer proof, can’t settle into fine lines, must have medium to full coverage, can’t cause any more breakouts than I already get, and must last all day without separating or sweating off. Those are some pretty high expectations, but through a lot (and I mean A LOT) of searching and testing I have found a few gems that meet my criteria.

My favorite, highest performing foundation is the Estee Lauder Double Wear. This product will stay locked into place for 12+ hours. It is transfer proof, won’t break apart, and doesn’t become cakey after hours of wear. This foundation has a matte finish, is easily bendable, and medium-full coverage.

Another most used foundation is the Mabelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation. As the name states, this foundation is full coverage. It lasts through an entire work day and is transfer proof. Oils do come through, but it doesn’t separate or look cakey which is a major plus.

Similar to the Super Stay is the Jouer Essential High Coverage Creme Foundation. This is the most full coverage foundation of my collection, and feels so lightweight on the skin I can hardly believe it packs such a punch. The pigmentation is to the max, has a natural finish and is lasting. The foundation also doesn’t settle into pores or fine lines. If you love a full coverage foundation you have to try this one.

Another favorite is the Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation. This formula is just as full coverage as the Jouer, but has an extremely matte finish. As the name says, this will last all night. The All Nighter is the most sweat proof, and transfer proof of all the foundations I have listed here.

A foundation that doesn’t necessarily meet all my criteria, but I feel it deserves an honorable mention is the Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup.  This is my go-to for my rare, but lighter makeup days. This foundation feels so lightweight on the skin and has a light to medium coverage. It leaves a natural finish and will hold up through an 8 hour work day. If you are a natural makeup gal, I highly recommend trying this foundation.

Have you tried any of my most used foundations? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.