Confession: I got Botox

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional and cannot tell you what you should or shouldn’t put in your body. I am just here sharing my experience and if you are interested in making any changes to your body or lifestyle such as injectables then you should speak to a professional as I did to see if it is right for you.

At 26 years old I was looking at myself in the mirror and seeing wrinkles that seemed to have appeared overnight. These could be from a multitude of things from sun exposure, being a very expressive person, or the fact the 25 had been one of the hardest, most emotional years of my life with health issues and family members passing away leaving me feeling completely haggard. Whatever was the cause, I would look in the mirror and immediately see my wrinkles and be bothered by their appearance.

After trying many retinol creams and vitamin C serums and seeing no noticeable difference I decided to do some research on Botox through good old Dr. Google, friends who had experienced it for themselves, and speaking to a professional. What I had found out was that Botox will relax the muscles in your face that allow big expressions and give a lifted appearance to the face overall. Beginning Botox at a young age has been shown to actually slow to development of wrinkles as your face is not able to move in a way that would allow the deep wrinkles to form. Basically beginning botox at 26 (along with sun protection and good skin care habits of course) will eliminate the need to get a facelift at 55. After thoroughly researching I decided to make an appointment.

After researching many different local places I landed on Glow Medispa. Glow has many stellar reviews on Yelp and their prices are within average for the area. (Its never fun to break the bank, but beware of places that offer a deal that seems too good to be true, because it probably is and you only want a skilled professional with real products injecting things into your face.) Glow Medispa also has trained medical professionals who would be doing the procedure, which was also important to me.

Upon arrival I filled out a medical history intake form and took some “before” photos (see below). I then was escorted back to a room where I consulted with the Nurse who specialized in dermatology. We talked about two injectables, Botox and Dysport. My dermatology nurse explained that they are very similar products, but Dysport diffuses more because it is a smaller molecule than Botox. Both products last about the same time and Dysport is slightly less expensive because it is a more diluted solution (not to be mistaken with being less effective) and both products will reduce the appearance of wrinkles through paralyzing facial muscles. After our discussion we decided that Dysport was the best option for me because my wrinkles were not deep set and a more diffused result would keep me looking the most natural.

I had 68 units of Dysport distributed between my upper forehead, between my eye brows, and around my crows feet. There was no pain associated with this procedure for me personally however I do think it is important to note that my mom also had her face injected and did experience some pain. The Dermatology Nurse suggested that our different experiences related to pain was due to reduced fat and tissue in our faces as we age.

Here are my before and after photos about 5 days apart (please excuse the hilarious faces, it was a challenge for me to furrow my brow). Wasmund_Kelsey_10121Wasmund_Kelsey_10122Wasmund_Kelsey_10127

Where I see the biggest different is in my crows feet and brow furrow. I can no longer furrow my brow due to the muscles being paralyzed. I began noticing results with the Dysport within 24 hours and by day three, even my most obvious wrinkles were no where to be found. I am so happy with how Dysport worked for me and I can’t say enough great things about Glow Medispa and their staff as they were so kind in providing me with before and after photos, as well as answering all of my questions. They also have a great membership program so if you are local to the Seattle area I highly recommend them!

What are your thoughts on Injectables and other face/body modifications? Comment below!



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