My 3 Favorite SPF’s.

Hi, my name is Kelsey and although most of you only know me through the inter web, if you saw me in person, you might describe my skin color as “shade vampire”, “almost albino”, “glow in the dark”, “pasty”, “porcelain”, or “paper white”.  I have very fair skin due to my Scandinavian lineage and tend to burn after about, umm 3 seconds in the sunlight.
Okay, That might be a little dramatic, but there is no such thing as a tan for me, except the kind that comes in a bottle. But regardless of your melanin levels, sun protections is extremely important. While we all love that bronzy glow, exposure to the sun can cause premature wrinkles, discoloration, and skin cancer. SPF is the best way to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and I have found what I believe are the best for your buck products on the market.



It is extremely important to use a daily SPF when exposing your face to any type of daylight. My favorite is the Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster. It has SPF 50 and can be worn on it’s own, under makeup, mixed into makeup, or mixed into your daily moisturizer. This SPF won’t clog pores or change the texture or color of any products you mix with it. I use this every day by mixing it with my moisturizer and cover my entire face and ears. All of Dermalogica’s SPF line is amazing, but this one is my favorite because of it’s high SPF and versatility.



The best body protection is the Sun Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion. This brand adds good-for-you ingredients to their line, and leaves the more harmful ones out. I love that it has SPF and prefer the lotion formula to the spray. While the spray seem’s convenient and less messy,  if you’re on the beach and breeze comes by it may redirect the spray of SPF in a direction that does not hit your body. Then you could potentially end up looking like you have sunburn zebra stripes all over. Speaking from experience, it’s not worth it!

Even better, Ulta is having a BOGO on all Sun Bum products plus a special gift with purchase for the SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion. No excuses, go get your SPF!!



If you are wanting something that is portable, TSA/travel friendly and works for both face and body then the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face and Body Stick is the best out there. This is SPF 70 and comes in a convenient clear, deodorant like formula. It is non-messy, isn’t sticky once it dries, and is small enough to put in your purse. It also has an amazing scent that resembles a perfume more than your typical SPF.

I carry this stick in my purse with me so I always SPF. For those of you who don’t know I have a very beautiful tattoo on the forearm. Whenever I am going to spend time in the sun, even just a quick recess with my school kiddos outside I will quickly put this over my tattoo to keep it protected from fading.


What SPF is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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