The Place I Made My Home

Of course my little Island in the Pacific Northwest will always be my home. It’s where I was raised, and where my favorite people in the world still reside, but for the last two years a tiny bungalow in West Seattle is where I’ve called home.
Through the years leading up to the move I had slowing been curating items that I could use to completely furnish and decorate my first home. So finally finding something in the heart of the family-friendly neighborhood that is West Seattle felt like I struck gold. I finally had a place to display all of my collection and felt truly accomplished that I was supporting myself independently at 23 years old. I furnished this place off of bargains, Ikea, and garage sales. I am so proud of what I have made it into, and I wanted to be able to share it with you all.


My Sanctuary

This is my bedroom. I have a queen size bed with tons of throw pillow and lots of artwork. My bed frame, I purchased from The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse which is located in Sumner, Wa. It has a big selection of all types of furniture with awesome price tags. This leather headboard and real wood frame cost $200. My duvet is from Ikea, as are the decorative pillows (I love pillows, clearly), as well as the throw blanket. The gray rug is also from Ikea, as is the picture above the bed. The dream catcher in the shadow box is homemade by my mother which I also had tattooed on my arm about a year ago.

My bedroom also holds my closet and makeup vanity where I do client work as well.

My closet is a wardrobe from Ikea as is my vanity. I used two Ikea MALM 3-drawer Chests in white and added two long boards of wood to the top to create a table top. The gray velvet chair is from Amazon and the blanket and pillow on the chair is from Ikea.


The Washroom

I love clean colors and the tile and walls followed that ascetic perfectly. However, the original countertop on the sink was green granite…which was hideous. To make the space more cohesive I added a marble contact paper that I found on Amazon. To apply the wallpaper, you will need an Exacto knife and something with a flat surface that is firm, like a spatula. I also added the marble topped cabinet I found at Home Goods to store extra towels and things like toilet paper.

Living Room

My chair is my favorite piece of furniture I have collected over the years. I picked up this “cuddle lounge” from a couple in Seattle about 6 years ago. I imagine it will stay with me forever. The three tiered shelf is something I found at Home Goods and the light fixture is from Ikea. I also got the throw blanket and white pillows from Ikea and the floral pillows from Michaels craft store.

The bar is an Ikea Kallax in black/brown with four door inserts for the bottom. I have it stocked with soda’s, wine, and various types of liquor as well as glasses, and bar tools. I use the storage behind the doors on the bottom for items like paper towels, ziplock bags, my juicer, and art supplies.

The back teal wall was actually a midtown blue, which made the space a bit too masculine in my opinion so I added a temporary teal wallpaper from Target instead. It was easy to apply and is great for renters as it comes right off.

The Kitchen


To the kitchen I added a shelf that I found at Home Depot for the toaster oven and my canisters. I also added the rope lights to the top of the cabinets as well as wine bottles with labels that I thought were pretty or that were from special events. I wanted to keep the kitchen area very clean and simple because it is so small.


Overall I like my space to be neat and clean, and for that aesthetic to be reflected in color choice and furniture. This place has been so fun to decorate, and I am so proud to call this my home.


Have any questions about decor used in my house? Leave a comment below.



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