Five Things Makeup Clients Should Know

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Are you getting your makeup done for a special event, prom, or a wedding? Well here are the 5 things most makeup artists want you to know before sitting down in our chairs.
1.How you prep your skin is just as important as how the makeup is applied.

The NUMBER ONE thing to do in preparation of your skin is remove your makeup and cleanse. If you do nothing else please remove your makeup and cleanse your skin. Applying makeup on top of a face with various build-up will only inhibit success of the final look.

Another important step in preparing the skin for makeup is exfoliating. You want to remove any oil, build-up and dead skin from your face to ensure a smooth application, especially if you have any dryness, texture, or excess oil. Check out my, But First, Skincare post to see my skin care routine, and favorite skincare products.

2. Full-coverage, but natural isn’t really a thing.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “I want to look like [insert full-beat-glitter-highlight-contour-the works-glam Instagram photo], but natural.” Ladies and gentleman, this is not a thing. While you can make full glam look beautiful, and non-cakey, you will still be able to tell you are in-fact wearing makeup.

3. “I want a full-coverage glam, but I don’t want to feel any make-up on my face” also is not a thing.

If you want the full beat, contour, highlight, and a long lasting look, you will feel the makeup on your face. Creating a makeup look that will photograph well and be long lasting requires adding very thin layers of multiple products. Each layer has a purpose and effects the final outcome, and your face won’t feel like their “isn’t anything on it”. That being said, I also aim to make each layer as thin as possible, and the makeup comfortable to wear.

4. Makeup isn’t plastic surgery.

Keeping your expectations of makeup at a realistic level is important. If you have a photo of a long, dark brown-haired beauty with a gorgeous vampy look and you have blonde hair and blue eyes, I will still recreate that vampy style for you but I cannot change your features to look identical to the photo. Trust is my ability to take elements from a look and apply them in a way that is flattering to your unique facial features and coloring.

5. If you have recently had pink-eye or a cold sore, please let your makeup artist know.

As someone who currently works in a pool of germs (in the form of 8 toddlers running in circles) I have seen it all. Pink-eye and cold sores will not gross me out, but please let me know! I use all sanitary products and practices, but I will go as far to use disposable alternatives to my brushes if I know of the concern ahead of time (and I promise your look will turn out just as great) and this way I eliminate any and all opportunity to pass your fate onto others.

Is there anything else you want to know about what it’s like to get your makeup done, and things you should share with your makeup artist to ensure that you are happy with the final outcome? Leave a comment below.



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