Freshly: Review

Photo Credit: The Drum

Have you been one of the million customers who has tried Blue Apron or a Hello Fresh type meal service? I was too…until I tried Freshly.

I didn’t mind Blue Apron, I had the service for over a year. And I actually thought it was fun to cook new and different recipes when I actually had the time. But the days I actually had the time were far and few between. So I found myself tossing out all of this food that went bad before I could cook it and then buying preprepared meals that weren’t the healthiest. Basically money lost and pounds gained, not to mention very wasteful.

So when I scrolled past an Instagram ad for Freshly, I thought it was another meal service where ingredients were delivered in their raw form, and then prepping, cooking and serving had to happen to enjoy your beautiful meal. I was wrong.

Freshly is a meal service where fully prepared and cooked meals arrive at your door perfectly portioned and refrigerated. There are six meals delivered once a week on a day of your choice. They are packed with large ice packs and insulation (all of which is recyclable and environmentally friendly) to keep it cold on your doorstep until you can place it in the fridge. And when you are ready to eat, you can pull a meal out of the fridge, plate it, or just pop it right into the microwave following the instructions on the package. Each meal is one serving size and healthy at 400-600 calories for a balanced entree. And all for the same price as Blue Apron.

I have been using this service for eight weeks now and I love it! There isn’t a meal I have tried that I haven’t liked, and they even have some delicious breakfast options too. As someone who is too busy to cook during the week, but also want’s to eat healthy, this is such a great option for me. And when I am out of town, I can just log onto the app and skip the delivery for that week.

There is also a wide variety of meals to chose from including vegetarian, fish, chicken, pork, and beef. This service would suit many dietary presences including gluten free and dairy free. And all of your meal selections can be made in the easy to use app or online.

If you want to try Freshly, leave your email below and I will send you a link for $40 off two weeks of Freshly.

Have any questions? Leave a comment.


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