Top 4 Beauty Channels on YouTube

YouTube has been a source of many hours spent, especially learning about makeup. Just ask my Dad and he will tell you, you can learn anything from YouTube. From jerry-rigging my dryer to stop obnoxiously buzzing at the end of a cycle, to getting the perfect winged liner, YouTube is the modern day classroom.
There are a few channels I watch religiously when it comes to makeup and beauty. These channels have great personalities behind them as well great information regarding makeup quality, application, and wearability. These are my top four most watched YouTube beauty channels.

The first channel I want to share with you is Nikkia Joy. Nikkia is a professional makeup artist in Australia, and like me, has oily skin. She has so many tips for oily skin girls and in her tutorials, really takes the time to explain what she is doing and why she is doing it. She also does really in depth foundation reviews with 12 hour wear tests, and zooms the camera in so you get a very clear picture of what her face looks like. Nikkia also talks about skincare on her channel and has very helpful advise on skincare for oily and acne prone skin. If you want advise on makeup application, this is the channel to watch.

Another great channel is RawBeautyKristi. Kristi is amazing on her channel and is a very entertaining personality to watch. I enjoy her reviews on products and how open and relatable she is. She is also from Seattle (my town, represent!!) which is bonus points if you ask me. If you want someone who feels like you could be friends with, but also knows a thing or two about makeup, then give her videos a view.

A channel with the most videos uploaded is GlamLifeGuru. Tati Westbrook has been doing makeup videos on YouTube for the last 7 years and uploads Monday-Friday, which is an unheard of schedule on YouTube for the beauty community. She has continuing series like OMG Tuesdays where she reviews new and different products and WTF where she finds outrageously priced products and reviews to see if they are worth the price. Tati features an equal amount of drug store and high-end products on her channel and I genuinely trust her reviews of products. Tati also brings her husband on her channel for PR unboxing as well as testing out face masks which is very entertaining and something different to mix it up. Quantity AND quality is how I would sum up GlamLifeGuru.

And last but certainly not least, I had to put in NikkieTutorials. Nikkie is an incredible makeup artist who is one of the most talented artists on YouTube in my opinion. She is from Holland and is a full coverage queen (like me). Nikkie does the most beautiful artistic makeup looks. As the name says, she mostly does tutorials, but also has some reviews of products as well. If you love watching people create stunning makeup looks, then NikkieTutorials is a must watch channel.

I would love to know what YouTube channels you are obsessed with, beauty or otherwise. Leave a comment below with your favorites.


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